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Lake of Reflection

In a continuation on my theme of nature, I've written a new poem.

I hope you enjoy reading it - let me know what you think.

Happy reading!

Lake of Reflection

The lake holds many surprises.

Its surface is rarely the same

palette twice.

One day it embraces blue,

on another it records grey murk

of an endlessly wet May.

Recalled on a smartphone reel:

a memory of April 2021 with

clouds captured in eternity.

Calm is instilled, distilled

alongside the image

of reflected glory.

This lake shows a few its secrets,

when in early morning moments

Nature's paintbrush deftly glides.

Framed in mind for

later, private meditation,

as indoors beckons once more.

No ounce of the elements

is wasted, no energy

expended that is not replenished.

Only time is consumed, eaten,

used in the act and the art,

when the art demands all resource.

The lake gave up the treasures

on that day in April,

the day of affirmation.

The photo on the smartphone

preserved the sight, the ripple,

all delicate fabric of the cloud.

Serenity was captured for

use by the viewer,

and perhaps selected others.

Remaining now as a signal,

a cue to seek the daily

patterns of Nature’s portfolio.

Eastrop Park Lake

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