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Alpaca Adventure

In October this year I turned 50 and for one of my birthday treats my husband James bought us a “Walking with Alpacas” experience. It turned out to be one of the most memorable and fun-filled days I’ve ever had. The poem below is my tribute to this fantastic day.

The venue for this event was the outstanding and truly welcoming Pennybridge Farm, in Up Nately, Hampshire. I’d like to use this platform to say a big thank you to the team there as they were so kind and made our day extra special.

I hope you enjoy reading my new work. Please give me feedback and let me know if you’ve walked with alpacas too. Let’s share the joy! Happy reading until next time.

Alpaca Adventure

Claire’s View

We arrived at Pennybridge Farm.

a fizzing feeling of excitement

flowed through my body and mind.

It’s not an everyday event to be so up close

to, and walk with the alpacas,

with their engaging eyes, their soft wool.

Our host for the morning,

was the welcoming Poppy.

A smile from her, matched our own.

She led us in and let us settle in.

We found the place to store our bags,

our senses absorbing this haven.

Within the visitor group we stood,

listening closely to all Poppy said.

Not wanting to miss vital details.

Joining us in solidarity, a robin

alighted on the nearby fencing.

Its presence part of Nature’s charms.

An introduction to the breed Alpaca,

our host revealed they had a myriad of

hues, the selection we could clearly see.

And there were more colours on display,

in the form of the resident rooster,

strutting into view; feathers like flames.

Onto feeding time for the females

of the herd, who we could spy uphill

from our vantage point on the pathway.

A rush of fluff, necks, and legs,

descended towards us, as James

filmed and I watched, grins at full beam.

The frenzy over and the animals

well-fed with their faces towards us,

it was time to cater for the males.

We encountered the boys of the pack,

neighbours to rescued pygmy goats.

All eyes on us as we offered grass fuel.

The wondrous moment arrived,

that of taking the lead and gently

steering our chosen young female.

I picked one called Errol,

whereas James chose Moonlight.

These choices sealed our day.

Holding on to her halter, me and

Errol sped off towards the gate.

She knew where she was headed.

The thrill of being with her but not

pulling, just immersing myself in

her world, her warmth, her youth.

Two laps around the farmstead,

with photos and feeding stops

while we walked, hearts filled.

I kept as close as I could

to James with his new playful pal.

Both of us glowing with enchantment.

It was time to end the experience,

though we knew it would be etched

in our brains for the remainder of days.

We unleashed Errol and her stablemate

the curious Miss Moonlight – playful they

pranced back to their sunlit paddock.

A Few Words from Errol…

The whole lot of us came out, my chums,

all the girls of the Pennybridge clan.

Chattering about the new guests.

A fresh gaggle of humans,

getting geared up for our next stroll

around the glorious grounds.

I wondered who I’d get

this time around, perhaps

someone who has fun, much like me.

Wish granted, as it happened,

a lady-person in blue and green.

chose me to guide her on this walk.

As I ran, not fast, towards the gate,

I felt the hand hold me tighter,

not in an anxious way though.

My friend for the day, striding

with me. She looked pleased as she

stroked my neck intermittently.

We slowed, I paced it steadily,

though my energy crackled

and spread to my companion.

Heat and comfort like my hay,

all part of a treasured day

uniting us as like-minded beings.

Claire, James, Errol & Moonlight

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