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Update for July – Site Relaunch

I first posted a blog on this site back in March 2021, to launch Claire’s Poetry Hub into the online creative writing space. Now, nearly two and a half years later, I’m ready to introduce to you a refreshed version. Still with my (sometimes) monthly updates/musings and poems. Still with photos gradually filling up the gallery – which you can find here. I have moved some of my previous images to the photo archive which is available on this link.

It's been an enjoyable journey so far creating posts and poems for my site, and it’s an ever-evolving process. I hope that you, my lovely readers, find it satisfying to come along with me on the trail of new works and new worlds. I intend to add more photos (like the one below) and also, in time, short videos of me reading my poems.

As I always tend to say, let me know your feedback and just say hi if you would like. You can do this by typing in the “Comments” section below. Until my next post, happy summer reading!

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