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The Skylark and the Halo

Above the urban April landscape

and the constant buzz of Basingstoke,

stands a memorable hillside

that holds tangible treasures.

This rolling rise is called

Crabtree Plantation.

A verdant paradise

filled with Nature’s wealth.

A skylark arcs across grey skies,

dipping down to the mown grass.

The briefest peck in the earth,

before it ascends tree-wards.

As this keen-eyed aviator

leaves the scene, another

spectacle of the silver sky

unfolds, while the morning intensifies.

A halo dazzles and diverts,

as it embraces the Sun.

A natural beacon blazing,

filled with fire and ice alike.

Cosmic magic has woven

a slick spell in the atmosphere,

projecting energy outwards,

highlighting the hill’s residents.

Walkers spy the halo’s image,

but with a sense of caution.

Knowing its solar source may cause

damage forever, to their sight.

Observing the view at a safe

and carefully slanted angle,

the walkers now climb onwards

underneath the crystal crown.

A return by the sainted skylark,

is announced by its bittersweet call.

The walkers track the movement,

as the bird swoops and swerves.

Calmness is distilled on the breath

of those walkers while they rest

at the apex of the hillside,

that gives surprises as well as hope.

Halo at Crabtree Plantation, Basingstoke


As always, feel free to give me your feedback about my poetry, in the Comments section. Happy reading!

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