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The Joy of Journalling

Diaries, journals, and daily lists – they are having a bit of a revival it seems. Maybe that is one positive outcome from all of the recent discussion around mental health and trying to help ourselves (and each other). We’ve definitely needed a way to express our thoughts and feelings. We’ve also needed to be able to record how these extremely challenging times are affecting us.

Personally, starting a new journal for October 2022 has been a revelation. To be honest, I’m really just writing everything down that comes to mind on that particular day. All subjects are open for being recorded in my journal: anything from dreams, work news, creative ideas, the state of the country and everything in between. I have felt quite cluttered in my mind this year. Nothing earth-shattering, but I must admit with world and national events as they are I do feel slightly wary with a sense of unease. I imagine I’m not alone in this confused and unnerved state! Writing in my diary, I certainly feel that my brain is being cleared gradually of that foreboding baggage.

Previously I had attempted a dream diary and I did post about it here. But I’m afraid, good readers, I didn’t stay the course. Dreams can be so elusive, and sometimes I recall them in the morning. But usually, I just can’t bring them back to life in order to be able to jot them down successfully. It’s frustrating but I think I’ve made my peace with that particular fleeting task. I’ve established I’m pretty rubbish at keeping a dream diary, so I will leave that to the experts in the field. I’ll move quite happily onto new journalling pastures and hope to be luckier and more productive with this as I progress through the rest of 2022 and beyond.

There is a major incentive for me doing this daily notetaking of my thoughts and the events in my life: a desire to expand my creativity. This is coupled with that previously mentioned bonus of the ability to declutter as I write my entry for the day. My progress to date is encouraging on both counts. I have been able to jot down some new ideas/starting points for my poems. I’m hoping to bring some new poems to this blog through the ongoing process. I have found that the decluttering of my mind has helped to unblock my writing, so it’s been a win-win.

There are good intentions, resolutions and promises to keep to oneself, going along with this journalling territory. I’m not going to commit to any of these, but I will say that I’ll try to keep going with the diary and see how I get on. At the moment it definitely seems that there are more benefits to this ongoing exercise than downsides. Reader, I will of course keep you briefed about my journal, and I’ll probably give you some intermittent updates. Happy reading as always!

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