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The Art of Distraction

Always and in all ways

tiny tasks, dots of details,

wondrous whims take me

into a deliciously small world.

They lead me by the hand

down some path I’ve not known,

whisking me away into

a realm called distraction.

I can be reading a book,

perhaps an article, but

then, oh look, now I’m

in full daydreaming mode.

My eyes glaze, my brain bends

assorted ideas fill its shelves.

As though I needed new stock

like a supermarket half empty.

Resistance is useless, and

to fight these time-consumers

is not worth my energy,

so I channel the triviality.

A note to self on the pad,

a browse on a webpage.

Lacing my shoes, dreamily.

All of these acts, as therapy.

Living in this unsettling era

is enough to make anyone crave

escapism, idealism, a way to

forget the assaults on the brain.

Enter into the arena these minute

and multiple thoughts tumbling,

like a circus act, dazzling,

with tricks and backflips.

When the diminutive deeds

and micro-tasks are performed,

I sense the triumph of them,

while I come back to the present.

Never looking for something

that is life-changing, only

a breath and a whisper

of reassurance and release.

Inspiration for The Art of Distraction

My latest poem came about as I was considering those moments in between the larger tasks of life. I wanted to distil the thoughts and sensations of when my mind goes for a wander. It encapsulates the little nuggets of time that we all probably experience – those when we take ourselves off into a daydream or calming reverie. I hope you find it entertaining, soothing, and relatable. As always let me know any feedback via the comments section or feel free to email me on

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