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Solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

In my posts and my poems on this site to date, I have barely mentioned politics. I have avoided a lot of the massively complex subjects of society, as I have wanted to keep things light-hearted. It’s not that I want to disregard the big issues, only that I usually like to keep my creative writing in the realm of nature, emotions, and self-reflection. However, I feel I must speak up about the horrendous situation for the people in Ukraine. It’s about humanity (of the Ukrainians) vs the inhumanity (of Putin’s invasion and assault on his neighbouring nation).

I feel helpless, I imagine like many other people in the UK. Donations to charities are generous and kind, but they don’t seem enough. We are left to stand on the sidelines –

while politicians make decisions on our behalf. Many of us are not happy with the way the government are handling things, however we know that there is a lot of bureaucracy and legislation to free up visas, routes to safe passage and full assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

No-one can predict how long this terrible and heart-breaking war will go on. All we can do here is continue sending our financial donations and care packages, and hope every day that those in Ukraine will be safe from vicious harm and oppression.

I have encapsulated my thoughts in the poem below. Please let me know your own thoughts and feedback in the ‘comments’ section.

For the Citizens of Ukraine

We, on the outside

of this barbaric invasion,

can see how you, on the

inside, are fighting for your lives.

Shocked, we stand with you:

the people of a nation

under siege, but holding

onto the vision of tomorrow.

Putin, this poisonous, and

paranoid tyrant,

has no strategy, only

to terrify, threaten, torment.

His cronies, exist among us

in the UK, profiting from a

flawed system, that’s been

encouraged by our leaders.

This man, a new ‘Tsar of Russia’,

feeds on people’s fear and pain,

at home and in Ukraine.

None in his circle will denounce him.

In contrast your courage

and resolve to defend your precious

children, your homes, your freedom,

is purity of spirit imprinted on screen.

Coupled with this valour,

is the tenacity of your president.

The man named Volodymyr Zelensky,

the epitome of a true statesman.

His rise from actor and comedian

to a new platform and path,

one that would rewrite his destiny,

that now bolsters Ukraine’s strength.

Words are no comfort, we know.

We cannot pretend they’ll heal and help.

The sentiment sown into them though

may ease your sorrow somehow.

A message to you across the world:

we will act where we can, hold you

close to our hearts. Wishing for your

safe return to peace, to life as it should be.

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