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Rose's Stories

Introduing a new occasional feature on this blog: short stories written by my wonderful Mum, Rose Possee. Relax in the sun and read on...

Rose & Daylia (Dahlia)

She found me (Rose that is) discarded on top of a waste bin in the cigarette compartment. I was left there by a human who had plucked me from a garden to wear as a buttonhole, for some occasion. No doubt I looked very pretty as I am a little yellowy Dahlia. I like to be called Daylia!

Rose thought about what occasion I was used for – a wedding, a birthday or maybe after the person who plucked me did not feel I was quite good enough for such an important occasion, so rather than discard me into the bin they left me in the cigarette disposal unit.

Rose is an older lady who is always finding things that others would regard as rubbish.

She took me home and put me in a black vase along with a piece of Golden Rod, which had been partly broken off its stem. So, she broke it completely off and I am now with it and a piece of Pussy Willow.

I am hoping that I will live as long in the vase as I would have if I were still with my plant in the garden. Wish me luck!

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