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Rose’s Blog About a Log

Rose enjoys her early morning walks, especially on Sundays when she goes to her local canal. She loves seeing the ducks, Canada geese and the occasional heron, who often surprises her by silently flying up from its secret place!

Turning away from the canal Rose continues through the parkland and looks for rabbits, usually seeing a few but they quickly hide once anyone with a dog appears.

As Rose is older now (which she mentioned before) she takes a drink with her or sometimes an orange or apple, then she sits on Log to drink or eat. Log is nicely placed halfway around her walk. However over recent weeks Log has experienced some changes. One Sunday Log had been sprinkled with sparkly dust. Rose always takes an appropriate bag to sit on thus in this case avoiding a sparkly bottom when rising from her sitting position on Log!

She loves her little rest on Log and was lucky to observe some swallows skimming over the park.

A further strange thing happened on another Sunday when someone had removed all of Log’s bark. No doubt it gave them some sort of pleasure, but Log felt sorry for the insects which had lived there in the warmth of Log’s bark. Rose thought Log may have felt a bit cold after its bark was removed.

Next time Log had to contend with being moved from its position and Rose was less than happy as she was not cosily against a hedge and trees surrounding the park.

Do not worry though dear reader: Log was put back in the original position on Rose’s next visit and she hopes that Log will still be there next time she visits the canal, so she can enjoy her sit down and look at whatever nature has to offer her.

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