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Leaders Have Failed Us

Compassion could surely be

given out more freely,

just when our abused planet

needs an urgent lifeline.

Instead, we have egotists,

who spin their many tales.

Inventing their own twisted

and tired green storyline.

Proclamations of great change

an oath to do so much more.

Although these leaders, slyly

never explain the methods how.

Complex, but empty speeches

dressed in worthy promises.

Keeping the façade alive and well:

the sick joke that they care now.

Forty years too late, perhaps more,

we hear the minimum of measures.

While we witness rivers poisoned,

insects sprayed out of existence.

Fires left to burn delicate heathlands,

destroying the fabric of the earth.

Despite the wisdom of the experts,

sounding the alarm, there’s resistance.

We want people who we can trust,

yet these liars-at-large betray our

faith at every crucial moment.

Taking us wholly for granted.

But young people stand up for

their future, which is in the grip

of those non-leaders. A fight in

youthful hearts duly planted.

The damaged world is not the only

worry on the minds of honest humans,

a creeping sense of injustice

trickles then overflows to the fore.

Corruption, greed, gaslighting

all made real by the populist

governments. Being challenged

by the best of us, they’re hard to ignore.

Everyone who can and everyone who

yearns for more than this chaos,

is required now to speak up and with a

pressure that is one valid voice.

Shaking the creaky foundations of all

this false governance to the ground.

Leaving those who are in

charge with no other choice… They MUST listen.

You may guess I'm incensed about the world issues from these verses that I've written, but I am positive that with many people taking action we can get things done together! Thanks for taking the time to read my work - let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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