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Gallery Update and The Caterpillar’s View

We find ourselves in August – how did that happen? It’s been a very busy summer already and so much has happened, in the outside world and in my creative world. As a relaunch to my gallery page, I have now updated this with some new pictures which you can find here. My previous photos are still available as an archive here. I hope you like what you see – let me know in the comments section as per usual.

Inspiration for creative writing is rife in the summertime, and this year has provided plenty of images to encourage me to pen some new poems. Inspecting a couple of Cinnabar caterpillars on the Ragwort plant in my mum’s garden recently, I took a couple of photos and then started thinking about their insect journey. The resulting poem gives a quirky perspective on this magnificent creature. Happy reading as always – please let me know your thoughts and also if you’ve seen any Cinnabar caterpillars!


A Caterpillar’s View

I’ve earned my stripes and now

this is my home, also my dinner table.

A feast of yellow bliss is supplied.

I inch along the Ragwort stem,

my body trembling – the hairs

are each primed for every breeze.

I’m not quite alone it seems,

my fellow Cinnabar siblings

are here with me, on the branch.

A caterpillar like me is

never keen on sharing food,

I’d rather have it all to myself.

Relinquishing the goodies

wasn’t in my gameplan if a

being like me, can have a plan.

I think I’ll let it pass, though,

for an easier life, one where I still

get to have a major munch.

There is a destination

signposted in the glowing green

of the leaves and the golden petals.

I’ve got a belly to fill

That’s the mission calling me

on my vertical path.

To grow, increase and protect

myself with this plentiful fuel,

a poison for others, not me.

Birds, be warned, if you try

to consume me on the fly,

it will be your last meal.

The second stage of my magical life,

is now coming to a halt.

A transformation is due, so I’m told.

A mystery of a new chapter

awaits me in the wings, and

flight is the vital clue that spurs me on.

Cinnabar Caterpillar with Ragwort

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