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Gallery Update and Giving Thanks

Happy New Year and I hope 2022 has started well for you.

It’s been a busy last couple of months, and I admit I've been absent from this blog. I’m now refreshed and raring to go with plenty of new ideas and creative projects.

In August 2021 I added a gallery to my site, and I’ve since put three more photos on there. I’ve captured moments from the last months – I hope you find them inspiring. I’m planning to keep the gallery updated monthly from January. You can find the new entries here.

As I was thinking about trying to sum up the last year I felt it was appropriate to pay tribute to all those who have kept us buoyant over these strange times. Specifically, I mean our postal workers, the delivery drivers, as well as shop assistants and those in hospitality. They've shone even on the darkest days. Here is my poem to bring in 2022 and to celebrate all of these very good people:

Giving Thanks

All throughout this pandemic

the drivers and deliverers

have been bringers

of hope, of mail, of smiles.

They may say they’re just doing

their job, but we know

these jobs are part of a

network that extends for miles.

When we need a reprieve

from working at home,

just seeing the friendly postie

lifts our spirits instantly.

For that we should give

thanks, and praise the unsung.

Making this surreal time

bearable, less like a bad dream.

Let’s not forget those who serve

us in the shops, cafes, and bars.

Keeping us fed and watered,

sheltering us from the mayhem.

Faces we see daily, weekly,

their eyes brimming with stress.

Our best response to soothe

them, is to kindly thank them.

Random Act of Crochet Kindness - Celebrating Postman Pat

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