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First toe in the water

Hi, I’m Claire and I welcome you to my poetry blog. This is my first ever blog and I’m looking forward to starting out on this exciting new adventure. I’m not a professional poet but I have increasingly found that I want to get my poems out there, online and in print. In order to achieve this, I have published my first collection of poems, called ‘Touching the Outer Edges’ which is available here. This collection is a culmination of my work to date. It has been cathartic to attain my goal of getting my poems in print and in e-book format.

The journey of self-publishing, which I decided to embark on, was an enjoyable but challenging one. That well-used expression ‘a steep learning curve’ definitely covers what I experienced while formatting, editing, and packaging up my work. It made me realise what others who have gone down this route have enjoyed and endured while achieving their ultimate aim. The sense of freedom and contentment you get from self-publishing definitely compensates for any difficulties faced during the whole process. Time is definitely a commodity that is needed in abundance when self-publishing and I found quite a lot of weekends were needed to complete the task.

In order to build on this illuminating event, I have now resolved to follow up with getting an online poetry presence, via this site. I will soon be adding to this blog with some of my poems. Also I will be exploring the various aspects of poetry writing in future posts. I would really value any feedback you care to give me via the form you will find on this page. If you would like to share any experiences as a fellow poet that would be wonderful too. I hope you will join me on this voyage of words, creativity, and self-expression. Please feel free to contact me via email:

Until my next post – happy poetry reading and creation.

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