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A Tree Transformed

A new poem for you to read and escape with - this piece was inspired by a local walk with my husband. When we set out to walk in the Basing Fen one Saturday morning, we didn't anticipate that our path would be blocked by a fallen tree. It was sad to see the tree downed by high winds and possibly age. In reality we didn't attempt to get over the obstruction. In my imagined and fantastical tale we overcame it. I've brought love, environmental concerns and the power of nature to the fore here. I hope you enjoy - as always, feel free to give me feedback via the comments section or to my email

A Tree Transformed

Shielded by grasses

bowed branches and pure air,

we strode onwards

through the resplendent fen.

A morning walk,

serenaded by the sun.

Hints of clouds, a breeze

energising our minds.

A photo opportunity

too good to miss.

When he and me came to a

clearing, with a watery view.

Moving on we were

halted and stunned,

by a splendid tree felled.

Its body lay defeated.

The obstacle obscured

our forward traverse.

We considered our options,

I preferred to climb over.

Not needing to convince

him further, we both

clambered and clung

to branches, without a scratch.

The next vista astounded

taking words and breath away.

In our scope the sky rippled,

as the Earth seemed to stretch.

We shared a look saying,

“What is this strangeness?”.

We felt creeping changes:

heat in hands, chill on faces.

Against the extreme elements,

we walked hand-in-hand.

United in the mouth of

this mesmeric mirage.

The sky blended into the Earth

melting and melding inwards.

We felt ourselves being

enclosed, consumed by light.

Shot back as a bolt

of lightning, we now

were part of the maelstrom

of Earth, sky, and the tree.

All mixed, molten, yet

cold as the Arctic.

I stared at my man,

he stared back, silent.

Words not needed

as we were swiftly freed.

Returned unharmed

back to the beaten tree.

Though now, not slain

it had been raised again

some nameless power

brought life to it, through us.

Basing Fen Tree

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